The David in question was the one who had a serious disagreement with Goliath of Gath, the adversaries in question commonly referred to as ‘David and Goliath’. The upshot of their contest was David 1 Goliath 0, with the odds on favourite felled by a stone from young David’s slingshot. The fact that the diminutive David vanquished a fearsome warrior, standing some six cubits and a span (about 9ft 6in), could claim to be a very early example of a challenger brand making its mark. In this case the ROB (Return On Bravery) was the hand of the King’s daughter, great riches and a royal decree that his family need no longer pay taxes in Israel.

But is that all a challenger brand amounts to, ‘the little guy calling out the big guy’, (think Avis or Ryanair). For those with Challenger Brand aspirations unfortunately the answer is no. The reality of achieving the benefits of Challenger Brand status is very different, as readers of Adam Morgan’s Eating the Big Fish will know. If you’re not familiar with the book and are interested in the benefits of being a fully signed up member of the Challenger Brands’ Club, there are certain things you need to know.

To become a Challenger Brand you have to be a company with a strong belief system, attached to a ‘rock of a product’ and a compelling truth about your offer. You have to be able to make the consumer navigate the market by your ‘truths’. Finally you need to project that identity insistently and consistently in everything you do.

If you manage to satisfy the above, there’s one more thing you need to know. Well, actually eight things to be exact, because there are eight ‘credos’ that define the behaviours of true Challenger Brands. Rather than make this short thought piece unduly overlong, you can obtain a booklet from the good people at eat big fish which will give you chapter and verse on the eight ‘credos’, <del”>for the very reasonable price of just £3 plus p&p, or even better you can download it free here.

Happy challenging!

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