Determining which brand personality archetype to align your business with, influences every branding, marketing and creative decision thereafter. It is the cornerstone in giving brand identity a structure to follow; the cohesive thread required for a consistent tone and vision.

When clients approach our team here at Glorious, they often understand that brand personality is a central part of strong brand positioning. But, how to pick a one of the twelve brand personalities without simply pulling a name from a hat, is easier said than done.


The fit needs to be one that’s just right – it needs to be definite and directly related to who the brand is and what they stand for. A children’s clothing brand trying to align themselves with the Rebel brand personality for example, would be jarring, awkward and confused – it would hinder their ability to express the product in a way that is authentic or meaningful. And for a computer gaming brand, opting to identify as a Sage brand, well, that too would be all wrong. Resulting in hollow marketing messaging, a brand identity that is ill fitted – well, you can forget stock value, more like a laughing stock instead.

But got right, a personality can propel a brand into the forefront of the consumers’ mind. They become easily acquainted and can build relationships with you that last, as your business takes on a more human form. Take Innocent Smoothies, they hinged their whole brand identity, from product to proposition to promotion, on the personality they felt was quintessentially them: The Innocent. In doing so, the brand comes alive with character. From their tongue-in-cheek Twitter feed to their comical commercials, Innocent Smoothies shoots and scores when it comes to brand personality. And then look to Lego. Their marketing messaging is encapsulated by the tagline ‘Rebuild the World’. With such an ambitious and profound mantra, how could they be anything else but a Creator brand personality. Their small, brightly coloured cubes of plastic are possibility and potential. As a brand, Lego facilitates creativity, allows their consumers to make, build and mould their vision into a reality.


So that’s all well and good, but how do you really go about choosing the right brand personality for your business? For many, there isn’t a sudden lightbulb moment where it clicks and everything else falls into place, so don’t let that put you off. Instead, we know at Glorious that it’s a process of understanding, learning and really honing what you represent as a brand, before arriving at the personality that feels a suitable fit to communicate your proposition to the world.

Once that’s done, you can begin the auditions. Yet of course for many, starting with twelve options for brand personalities will feel over facing, like navigating a minefield of tones, styles and identities. Thankfully, there is a way to drill down. There are four overarching categories and within each of those sit three of the brand personalities that are cut from the same cloth. Do you want to Leave a Legacy, Pursue Connection, Provide Order or Explore Freedom?


You see, these groups provide somewhat of an introduction, giving business owners and branding agencies the foundations from which to identify the right personality. Should your brand be concerned with changing the status quo, solving a problem or doing things in the very best way – then you are probably pointed towards Legacy. And if you’re looking to find common ground with your consumer, whether it’s to make them laugh or love – then you’ll find yourself on a direct route over to Connection. If weighty metaphors are your thing, of the sublime or the profound then of course it’s at Freedom that you’ll find your niche. Finally, for those involved in telling rather than showing, where law and order puts you firmly in the ruling seat – then there’s a spot waiting for you over in Order.

At Glorious we are well versed in helping brands find their voice through the right brand personality. Whether it’s bringing out your funny side as a Jester or finding your inner zen as a Sage brand – we’ve been there, and done it. So, as a handy introduction we’ve ploughed all that knowledge into a quick and easy quiz – one that, if you answer truthfully – will set you on your way to knowing which of the twelve, is your one.

Looking to take your brand to the next level? Take our quiz now and discover your business’ brand personality.

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