The brand manager’s worst nightmare

The email arrives innocently enough into your inbox. ‘I need a brand overview and I need it for my meeting with the Chairman at 11am’. Your eyes dart to your phone and the blood freezes in your veins. The time is 9.50am. Just over an hour to put together a response. It’s not long enough, a voice screams out. You look around expecting to see a startled colleague. But no one seems to have heard the terrible screech. You realise why. The scream is bouncing around the inside of your skull. You ‘very being’ alerting you to the forthcoming humiliation. But help is at hand. A global study is your salvation. Over £100 million has been invested in it. 750,000 people have been interviewed. 50,000 brands interrogated. Across 200 market categories. The findings couldn’t be simpler or more conclusive. There are four fundamental brand measures that matter.

Differentiation: the ability of your brand to stand apart from its competitors.

Relevance: the actual and perceived importance of your brand.

Esteem: perceptions of the status of your brand.

Knowledge:the awareness and understanding of your brand.

So, if your boss drops you in it, with a request for a brand review by the time he’s had his second cup of morning coffee, don’t panic. Use the findings of a multi-million pound research study to come up with the goods.

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