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Developing Successful Branding

Successful branding isn’t a flash of inspiration. It’s a carefully controlled process. Starting with research into your company, and its market. Understanding your customers’ likes and dislikes. Taking stock of the competition and the opportunities. Devising a strategy that drives your visual identity and brand proposition. Applying it consistently to everything from your business cards to your company signage. Then creating Brand Guidelines so everyone knows the rules and follows them. To see the theory in practice, please take a look at our case studies.

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Brand Strategy

Thinking hard, digging deep

The start of the process. Researching your company, competitors and the market sector. Establishing where you are and where you want to be. Then devising a plan as to how you’re going to get there. Creating vision, mission and positioning statements. Identifying your point of difference and claiming the territory. Expressing your brand strategy with clarity, to fully inform the creative process and differentiate your company in its market place.

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“We originally went to them for a logo, but it led to a completely new identity covering stationery, brochure, signage, advertising, website and vehicle livery. Glorious proved to be a catalyst for change. They really made us think about the way we do business. They’re not a supplier, they’re part of the team”

Wayne Buckley
Managing Director
Temperature Control

Brand Identities

A consistent visual language

It takes more than creativity to devise a visual language. It takes a level of craftsmanship and draughtsmanship few designers master. Once the identity has been created in all its memorable detail, consistency is the most important factor in establishing a unique and distinctive presence. We devise brand identities that help to positively influence the perception of our clients. It’s about so much more than a new logo and colour palette, it’s about capturing the brand’s essence and personality.

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Brand Campaigns

Combining logic with magic

You’ve a brand strategy and the visual identity to go with it. But how do you communicate your brand proposition in the most compelling, engaging and convincing way. By combining the rigours of pure logic with creative magic. The alchemy of transmuting words and ideas into convincing communication. Being prepared to challenge the status quo and explore as many approaches as it takes to discover the elusive concept. Then developing it to work effectively across every imaginable channel.

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Complimentary Brand Audit

Sometimes it takes an extra nudge to try something new. So here’s a gentle nudge in our direction. A complimentary brand audit complete with findings and recommendations. All we ask is that you spend two hours with us. And that you’re as honest about your business as you can be. Without giving away any trade secrets. In return we’ll produce a report covering brand vision, mission and positioning, along with a complete brand profile. Simply fill in the form, submit it, and we’ll be in touch.