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After a long, anticipated wait, the winning designs for the Vancouver Art Gallery are finally available for public viewing! The proposed gallery, designed by acclaimed Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron, will stand 230 feet tall, with a total floor area of 310,000 square feet. Almost entirely made of wood, the distinctive design offers appealing public spaces designed to house and display the most significant public collection of art in Western Canada.

The building itself is more than impressive, from the striking silhouette of the buildings size, to the aesthetically appealing shape of the architectural style. It is totally original in every sense of the word thanks to Herzog and de Meurons expertise in materials, surface and landscape. The use of wood as the gallery’s main building material gives it a unique and contemporary feel, differentiating it from the surrounding Vancouver skyline. The finer details such as the carefully considered windows in the upper levels mark out the structure as a well-considered, authentic piece of design.

If you ever find yourself in the city of Vancouver, be sure to check out this impressive new addition to the city, a testament of the strides Vancouver has made since its early beginnings.



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