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Colours by Pantone
Chosen by Christopher Ball

I believe that more books should be published using the super thick paperboard that books for pre-schoolers are printed on, there’s something incredibly satisfying about them. Imagine a complete works of Shakespeare in that format; somewhat difficult to cart around but particularly impressive (and gargantuan). So the next time you’re browsing the shelves for such books, what could be better for a designer’s offspring than Pantone’s Colours book for children?

The world’s foremost authority on colour bring their expert knowledge down to a fun and accessible level for little one’s by assigning names from their infantile world to each Pantone swatch. In fact, the next time a client asks you what colour their logo is in, confuse them by stating that it’s ‘Monster Purple’ (PMS 254), ‘Backpack Blue’ (PMS 307), or ‘Wet Pavement Gray’ (PMS 416). Hours of fun.

Despite being somewhat light in terms of a plot, the book will keep adults entertained during its numerous repeat readings through its aesthetic appeal from book designer Meagan Bennett and charming illustrations by Helen Dardik. And, thanks to its paperboard stock, it’s far more durable than any adult paperback. Handy when your toddler decides to chew on the books’ edges.

All in all a wonderful way for a designer to set their own tiny humans off on a path of creativity and colour.



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