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The perfect antidote to the ‘we need a new logo’ brigade…

Designing Brand Identity – Alina Wheeler
Chosen by Jeff Edis

“With brands representing up to 75% of companies’ value, the time is long past to talk about ‘needing a new logo’. The subject warrants every bit as much attention and commitment as investing in a new factory or embarking on an ambitious export drive. And something that represents so much value and influence shouldn’t just be left to the brand consultants. Everyone in the marketing team should have a working knowledge of the processes and practices of a brand development programme. That’s why this month’s recommended reading is Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler. It charts the brand development story from ‘what is brand’? to ‘online branding tools’ and much more. Within its 191 pages there are insights on the great brand stories and icons of the day, supported by enlightening quotes from such divergent greats as Albert Einstein and The Rolling Stones. If you read just one book on the practicalities of designing brand identity, then this should be it.”


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