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Zonzo – Joan Cornellà
Chosen by Jonny Mayes

“I first discovered the work of Joan Cornella at University back in 2013. Taking a much-needed break from the increasing pressures of dissertation life, I decided to visit The Village, my favourite independent bookshop. The store is a great source of eclectic and eccentric work from all kinds of artists and a source of entertainment and inspiration. Flicking through zines and books I discovered a publication named Mox Nox. I knew I had found a gem, as I chuckled through a series of dark, unsettling and hilariously surreal comic strips.

Since then I have avidly followed the artist Cornella on his Instagram account, eagerly awaiting his next publication. Finally, 3 years later, it arrived, in the form of “Zonzo”. Even more outrageous and hilarious than Mox Nox, the book delivers exactly what I expected from the comic, yet twisted mind of Joan Cornella.”



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